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The Orpheum

Alternative names ("aliases")

Alternative names for this theatre

- This theatre, The Orpheum, is not currently listed under any alternative names (aliases).

Alternative names for this theatre's city

- The city, New Bedford, in/near which this theatre is located, is not currently listed with any alternative names (aliases).

General History

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Architectural History

Previous Theatres On-Site

<If there have been previous theatres on this same site, please note them here.>

Alterations, Redecorations, Renovations, Recontructions done on this site

<Enter details regarding any reconstructions or alterations, etc. done on the site where the current theatre stands.>

Description of Current Theatre

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Measurements and Technical Details

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Current seating capacity:

Original seating capacity of current auditorium (if different from above):

For Greek/Roman theatres, number of existing rows of seats in  imacavea ______ mediacavea ______ summacavea ______

Dimensions of current auditorium:

Width of auditorium (theatron, cavea) to the outer walls:

Width of auditorium (theatron, cavea) to the gallery fronts  or width of Greek /Roman orchestra:
Depth of auditorium from stage to rear  wall:

Depth of auditorium from stage to gallery or balcony front, or depth of Greek /Roman orchestra:

Width and height of proscenium arch (if applicable):

Dimensions of current stage:

Width and depth of stage:

Is stage raked? (No/Yes)

Height of stage above auditorium floor or orchestra:

Height of grid above stage (if applicable):

Height of scaenae frons for Roman theatres:

Orientation of Greek or Roman theatre. (which direction is the stage in relation to the auditorium; south, southeast, southwest, north, northeast, northwest, east, west?)


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